About the Company

JH and Co Group offer a broad range of solutions tailored to the unique requirements of Corporate and Government clients, independently providing specialized knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the local regulatory and compliance requirements of running a business. 

Our Corporate and Government clients represent diverse backgrounds and sectors, including international corporations, asset managers, and institutional investors. Given the global nature of doing business, our extensive footprint makes us perfectly positioned to deliver services that are designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients and the demands of the markets in which they operate.

Our Brief History

JH and CO group has extensive trade and business management experience within Southern Africa. With our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals, we have successfully facilitated and managed trade contracts within various regions.

Our Goals

Mission Statement

To navigate and facilitate Corporate and Government entities toward attaining their business goals by providing them with professional support.

Our aim is to build a deeper understanding of your specific requirements, one that enables us to equip you with the tools to stay agile, and ready to react.


We are value driven, solutions-focused company backed by a strong team of dynamic and skilled individuals who demonstrate excellent customer service.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and value a culture of collegiality, transparency, and innovative thinking, making decisions as a Group in the best interests of our clients and adhering to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in all aspects of our operations.

We are Located At.

Shams Business City, Sharjah Media City Freezone, Al Messaned, Sharjah, UAE